About SolutionsHead Global Services

Focusing on task-data, analytics, R&D, technology-is the mainstay of most consulting firms when attacking the issue of improving business performance. But SolutionsHead understands that the full battle for competitive advantage is also won by optimizing business relationships. SolutionsHead has demonstrated time and again unleashing the untapped potential in business relationships which increases both employee and customer satisfaction and results in significant gains in growth and profitability.

SolutionsHead Global Services is one of the top consulting organisation offering a full range of services from IT Consulting to Technology and Outsourcing Services to the organizations worldwide. We specialize in Business and Technology Consulting, Custom Software Development, System Integration, Enterprise IT Solutions, Enterprise Application Management, E-Governance Solutions, IT Infrastructure Management, Industrial Automation Solutions, B2B Inside Sales and Lead Generation Services and Business Process Outsourcing.

We bring proven tools and methodologies that break down critical barriers to performance, aligning the energies of individuals, teams, groups and companies to work together more effectively.


SolutionsHead approach allows workers to make greater contributions to their companies and their customers. It also makes work more meaningful and enhances career opportunities. Basically, unleashing the power of business relationships enables companies to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our People

The only consultants SolutionsHead are veteran consultants with decades of experience in business relationship management and industry specialties. Their advice is thoughtful, inclusive, deep, practical and actionable.

SolutionsHead consultants help solving business problems by addressing business relationships and organizational needs. They work comfortably with Senior Management to set direction, get buy-in and execute plans. They don’t tell you what’s wrong then walk away- they roll up their sleeves and work with you to solve problems. Thanks to SolutionHead’s unique approach that clients not only gain professional results but also grow personally.

Our management team comprises accomplished professionals from leading global organizations. We are passionate about building an organization that is valued by our clients, employees, business partners and the community at large.