Cement, Power & Mining

Cement, Power and Mining are the industries which co-relates to each other. Whether it is an independent Cement plant or an integrated Cement plant with captive power plant and Limestone mines. Production is a crucial factor to achieve business growth and can’t be increased until cement plant, captive power plant and Limestone mines operations run with maximum uptime. Aligning IT with business needs is a challenging task for CIOs working in these industries.

SolutionsHead provides a range of tailor-made software automation solutions and IT Support Services to enable CIOs to get maximum uptime and increased production at a reduced cost. Our industry specific solutions cover following areas :

Cement / Power

IT Infrastructure Management, Data Center Management, Creating & Implementing Disaster Recovery Plans, End-user Computing, 24×7 IT Helpdesk, Lifecycle Asset Management, Neworking and Security Services.

SolutionsHead also provides tailor-made Software Applications which helps Management to easily handle plant operations and reduce their IT costs.

(a) Online Plant MIS :

The major challenges for Cement companies is to optimize the manufacturing process and to maintain similar quality of Cement across all units and real time monitoring the plant operations of Cement & Power Generation units.

Cement manufacturing & Power generation units are highly technical and the level of automaton in the plants is very high. Complete manufacturing process is monitored & controlled though Central Control Room(CCR), where very senior process engineers sits and control the various parameters /activities of plant.

Online Plant MIS Dashboard is a scalable software platform that crosses organizational boundaries to manage the complete business decision cycle. It competes the promises of Enterprise Performance Management by  incorporating real-time events and driving intelligent actions at all levels throughout the extended organization. The software empowered to make the right decisions at the right time, enterprise transparency and agility increase, putting the organization on the path toward Operational Excellence. 

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(b) RFID Based Access Control System

When you are in the manufacturing business, frieght charges consume a huge chunk of your budget. Your transportation needs may meet mostly by a bevy unorganized truckers. The prices they charge may essentially controlled by truck unions or local trucker cartels. They practically dictate frieght rates. Truckers don’t always commit to a job and often simply don’t show up. And when they do, the amount of time it took for them to load up, deliver and return take too long.

Companies need to reduce the cost of frieght by breaking the trucker’s cartel and improving a truck’s turnaround time.

SolutionsHead introduces a freight bidding system with an RFID based vehicular access control system. The bidding system allows transporters to bid for frieght on various routes. A bid for a consignment is open for 30 minutes, after which the lowest bid wins. The company defines basic frieght rates on a per-metric-ton-per-kilometer basis. This way you can take control back in your hands.

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(a) GPS Based Online Truck Dispatch System

Cement companies carries out limestone mining and heavy moving machinery to carry limestone from mines to crusher. They face challenges to minimize the utilization of heavy machinery, which is dogged by lack of automated fuel management and lack of automatic collection, storage and analysis of data.

SolutionsHead introduces a mining command and control room along with GPS Based Online Truck Dispatch System to carry out dynamic allocation of dumpers to excavators in real time thus reducing time lost in waiting at excavators. The entire mining time can now be monitored at Central Control Room(CCR), where automatic alerts are installed.

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