RFID based Vehicle Access Control System for Manufacturing Industry

When you are in the manufacturing business, freight charges consume a huge chunk of your budget. Your transportation needs may meet mostly by a bevy unorganized truckers. The prices they charge may essentially controlled by truck unions or local trucker cartels. They practically dictate freight rates. Truckers don’t always commit to a job and often simply don’t show up. And when they do, the amount of time it took for them to load up, deliver and return take too long.

Companies need to reduce the cost of freight by breaking the trucker’s cartel and improving a truck’s turnaround time.

SolutionsHead Global Services introduces a freight bidding system with an RFID based vehicular access control system for Transportation and Logistics, Manufacturing and Cement Companies in India. The bidding system allows transporters to bid for freight on various routes. A bid for a consignment is open for 30 minutes, after which the lowest bid wins. The company defines basic freight rates on a per-metric-ton-per-kilometer basis. This way you can take control back in your hands.

The vehicle access system, which is integrated into the freight bidding system, governs the movement of every truck once it reports for duty. From the moment a truck enters the plant, is loaded and weighed – all of it is automated by an RFID activated system. This system helps you to cut truck turnaround time and consequently truck availability.

Advantages :

This system benefits at multiple levels.

1) It helps you to win over truckers by reducing the amount of time they waste waiting for a load, both inside and outside the plant. By integrating the system with your accounting system, truckers can also be paid sooner. It reduce the burden on those involved in logistics and accounting at your company.
2) It helps contract laborers by introducing efficiency into the system which meant that they have more bags to lift and hence earn more money.
3) Finally, it allows your organization to save more money every month.