Wireless communication has become popular among Enterprises in last few years.  Wireless networks are cost-efficient and much easier to implement. Our wireless solutions are designed in a way that they can be integrated into your enterprise IT infrastructure today with migration strategies which protect your investment in the future. We have a proven experience in interfacing RF systems into the most complex ERP environments.

SolutionsHead Global Services helps you to complete RF Site Survey in order to ensure 99.99% coverage of the application area and complete an engineering design of the wireless system which includes coverage patterns and access point locations. Our design ensure your wireless network is secure from intrusion and meets or exceeds your internal corporate security requirements.

By using SolutionsHead wireless solutions, you can easily setup network access with wires/cables and access network from anywhere in your company premises. You can also reduce additional cost in moving, adding and changing your internal IT setup. Our wireless solutions help you to move a step ahead towards mobility.

SolutionsHead Global Services wireless solutions bridges the gaps in end-to-end wireless network solutions as per your business needs.