Under Vehicle Surveillance System


Our Under Vehicle Surveillance System is well suited for the premises which are worth securing. This system is capable to scan, monitor and digitally record crisp, clear digital video and images of the entire width of a vehicle’s underside. Our surveillance cameras detect the foreign objects and threats to help you to mitigate risks. UVSS is an ideal solution for Government, Corporate, Hotels, Malls and other transportation facilities where complete vehicle monitoring is required.


  • The Area Scan camera captures a number of scanned images of the complete underside of a vehicle on receipt of loop signal and notifies the UVSS software over Ethernet.
  • Integrates with IP auxiliary cameras for Video Recording.
  • Integrates with IP camera for driver image capture.
  • Stores all images and video against vehicle number received from ANPR system. The ANPR user interface allows an operator to correct a vehicle number. The corrected number is then used by the UVSS system for displaying relevant information on its user interface.
  • The UVSS user interface main screen shows vehicle template image and currently captured vehicle image. The software highlights the differences between the two images on the current image. The screen also shows the vehicle front image, vehicle number, driver image and provides links to play the clips recorded from the auxiliary cameras.
  • Both the template and the current vehicle images can be zoomed in for a closer view.
  • The reporting module will be able to provide transaction data in pre-defined tabular format for easy analysis of the transaction.

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