Visitor Management System

visitor management system

Managing day-to-day records of visitors and appointments is not an easy task. Security department faces a lot of problems in managing these task. SolutionsHead introduces a Visitor cum Appointment Management System which coordinates appointments for each and every employee in the organization to give you the most from your technology.

Some of the features of SolutionsHead’s Visitor cum Appointment Management System are as following:

  • It captures basic information of a visitor i.e. Name, Company Name, Address.
  • You can also capture additional information like Phone No, Email ID, purpose of visit, whom to meet, visitor type, visiting floor/building, visitors count.
  • You can easily update an existing contact/company or insert a new one.
  • You can maintain Contacts-Company relationship for visitors.
  • You can track and highlight the visitors who have not checked out after the expected date time out.
  • You can convert appointment to visitor if pass is needed.
  • An SMS/Email triggered to related employee with visitor details including photo.
  • You can add appointments for expected visitors.
  • You can view current days appointments by default on searching.
  • You can easily check-out or update items with a single click.
  • You can filter records for a specific date selected.