Brand Development

Customers don’t always buy things based on product specs or price points alone. They buy based on their perception of what they’re getting and how it will benefit them. So, what does your current brand stand for? What values does it bring? And how does it compare to the other players out there?

Establish a Powerful Brand Identity

Brand Audit

In today’s saturated market, your brand has never been more valuable. Let us help you develop an identity that blooms into a single unified brand experience. We conduct an audit that allows us to explore your brand’s mission and company vision. Our Brand Management Audit helps identify how your brand is performing in the marketplace and determine areas that need improvement.

Brand SWOT Analysis

Providing you with recommendations of how you can improve your brand equity and positioning via:

  • Brand Research
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity Standards and Systems
  • Brand Advertising
  • Brand Marketing
  • Brand Equity Measurement System

Brand Architecture

What makes your brand easier to understand? Defining different levels that exist within a hierarchy and explaining the relationship between different sectors or components of your company. Consider your brand architecture to be like a roadmap that guides the structure and organisation of your brand while seamlessly aligning branding mechanisms to position your brand scalability and future success.

Brand Architecture is important to include in the brand development process because it informs important stakeholders of how each brand should perform, what it represents or stands for, how it should be expressed both visually and textually and it brings order to corporate complexity. Brand Architecture is essential for maximising the visibility of all brands within your company’s portfolio.

Brand Equity

Whether you have a strong brand that needs a fresh coat of paint or a true fixer-upper, we help you craft something as memorable as it is true. And while almost every agency “does branding”, we fuel our process with research, stakeholder surveys, and real consumer insights and behaviour, bringing clarity to complex brand architectures and illuminating what resonates with your customers.

What Brand Equity Management Guarantees:

  • Your brand is relevant.
  • Your brand is compelling.
  • Your brand offers differentiation.
  • Your brand drives desired actions from users.

Rebranding & Brand Evolution

Investing in your brand -especially for years and years to come-can be scary. But with the right guidance, you’ll create a brand consumers not only prefer, but actively choose over your competition, every time.

When it comes to brand, logos and font treatments are just the tip of the iceberg. Great brands dive deeper and weave their way through entire ecosystems- everything from internal communications and employer branding to multichannel marketing campaigns and the online, digital experience.

Understanding how to build a brand that resonates with the consumer involves much more than creative materials and technical implementations, it is about creating that promise and expectation between you and your potential stakeholders. As we partner together to create your brand persona, we will use our core principles to deliver actionable strategies coupled with brand development campaigns, differentiating you from the competition and delivering results.

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